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Best Places To Visit in Punjab – India Tour

Sharing with you things to do in Punjab and the top best places to visit in Punjab. These are the must visit places in Punjab if you are planning to visit Punjab in future anytime.


1.Mata Lal Devi Temple / Vaishno Devi Temple –   This is a sacred hindu pilgrimage which is also called a miniature of the popular Vaishno Devi Temple in Jammu because of its similar structure. Located in Amritsar this temple is just 10-15 minutes away from station.The sheen, the colorful mirrors and the beauty of interiors has further entitled the temple with a name of “Sheesh Mahal”. The artificial walkaways and caves can be crossed by slightly bending down or crawling on knees. Free food is served to all here. This legendary temple attracts devotees and tourists from all over the world. It is believed that women who come to pray here are blessed with a child soon.


2.The Golden Temple Amritsar – Also called  Sri Harmandir Sahib Amritsar which is not only the central place of Sikhs, but also a symbol of Humanity/Equality and Brotherhood. This incredible place represents Identity/Glory and the Heritage of Sikhs. Everybody irrespective of creed/caste or race can seek religious fulfilment and a spiritual comfort without any interference. The architecture here represents a unique harmony between Muslims and Hindus way of construction work and also considered the best architectural specimens in the world. They also serve free food to nearly 50000 people daily which also touches one lakh sometimes on weekends, which is also called “Langar”. Well we loved the sheera served in Langar and were floored by the overwhelming love of Sikhs. The Golden Temple Amritsar is awarded “The Most Visited Place in the World” by a London based organization World Book of Records. This is one of the best places to visit in Punjab. If you don’t come here when you are in Punjab you will regret this for lifetime. A special THANKS to each and every Sikh who works like a true legend here and serves the society.


3.Jallianwala Baug – Next stop is Jallianwala baug where the massacre took place on 13th april 1919 where troops of British army killed more than 400 Indians and injured more than thousands. You can also spot the well where many of them jumped due to the fire panic. They have also marked the walls where bullets were fired that time. Jallianwala baug is 10 minutes away from The Golden Temple and you should visit this historical place.

There are small shops and shopping centres nearby, you can shop few Punjabi Juttis/Kadas and accesories here. Do not buy any handkerchief  to cover the forhead as the Golden temple serves it free, you have to return back after the darshan is done.

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4.Wagah Border– Another incredible place which is just 20-30 kms away from station is Wagah Border. It takes you 1-2 hrs to reach if you go by road. The lowering flag ceremony is daily practised by India security force and Pakistan since 1959. It is alternatively a symbol of two countries rivalry as well as brotherhood and cooperation between the two nations. The level of excitement is truly loving when you see them performing. We Indians were more than 5000 cheering up and  hardly around 10-12 Pakistanis on the other side. This melted my heart and the reason I proudly say India is the Best country in the World. The energy of cheering and crowd going mad for our soldiers shows the true love for our country. I highly recommend this place and consider one of the best places in Punjab.




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