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Chor Bazaar in Mumbai

Things to do at Chor Bazaar in Mumbai- Why to visit Chor Bazaar  & how to explore Chor Bazaar?

How to reach Chor Bazaar when  you are in Mumbai– It’s very simple. Get down at Charni road or Grant road station via a local train. Take a cab and you can get down at GolDeval on SVP road. GolDeval is a temple situated on the centre of the road itself. As you spot the temple take a third left from there and the Chor Bazaar starts.

Why Chor Bazaar is called Chor Bazaar in Mumbai?– Initially it was Shor Bazaar as it was too noisy, but Britishers used to call ‘’Chor’’ instead of ‘’Shor’’ which later on people went on calling ‘’Chor Bazaar’’. This place has some killer masterpieces and vintage items which are more 100 years old and you can get almost anything here if you explore and try to find out. Personally I prefer Fridays from morning 6.00 am to 7.00pm as the variety you will witness on Fridays will always be beyond limits rather than what you could find rest of the days.

Vintage items in Chor Bazaar-Old telephones, Gramophones, vintage wall clocks in a large variety, milk pails, vintage kettle, bronze statues to lit up your home  and much more.

Beware of Pick pocketers– First of all avoid going alone, make sure you go in a group of two/three. There are chances you can get robbed easily if the lanes are over-crowded. The name itself is Chor Bazaar which is called Thieve’s Market.

Clothes/Accessories/Shoes-You will spot so much of them that you will definately pick up something for yourself. Also check whether it’s a second hand or a fresh one whatever you buy.

Imam Sherbat wala-A terrific watermelon cutter showing off his skills who  sells innumerable glasses of Watermelon juice everyday  is a famous one here. So mark it in your bucket list whenever you go Chor Bazaar in Mumbai.

Cars/Gadgets-You may be lucky if you could find cars and their parts at half rates or an i-phone of 75,000 rupees at just 9000.Yes, its true but make sure you check once before you buy or else you may get fooled easily.

Food-Avoid food here, nothing special .Instead go Mohammed Ali road so that you may get better options to eat.

Bollywood special– Luckily there are few shops who have preserved posters & paintings of old Bollywood movies. Any old posters of Amitabh Bacchan, Mithunda and other stars are easily available here. A movie buff will love this thing at Chor Bazaar in Mumbai.

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