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Places To Visit In Gujarat

Most Popular Places to Visit in Gujarat

Gujarat- the Fifth largest State in India having top most Heritage sites approved by UNESCO is now day by day improving a lot when it comes to Travel & experiencing the Historic scenes.


You can trvel via train or flight and land Ahmedabad, we chose to go via flight and went by road from Ahmedabad to a small village named ‘’Bajana’’. This place is popular for Wild Ass Sanctuary  where there are totally around 6021 Wild Ass this year 2021 and also the popular Modhera Temple which is 50 kms away from here. From there we finally headed to the India-Pakistan Border in Nadabet which gave us goose-bumps as you enter the BSF zone area it’s a natural feeling you will develop for our beloved Jawans.


1.      Modhera Temple– 

Built by King Bhima during the Chalukya Dynasty, this Golden piece of Architecture is a must place to visit in Gujarat. Carvings of 4 elements like Sun, earth, water and air are spotted on the walls of the Temple. The temple was designed in a style like during every Summer, the sunrays would fall on Sun God’s head Surya to whom this temple is dedicated. The interiors and exteriors are decorated and carved with fancy ‘Toran’s’. The ‘Kunda’ facing the temple has multiple shrines including murtis of Tirthankars (Jain Hindu Gods). It is also said that Alauddin Khilji had destroyed a part of this temple, which is not even mentioned in our history textbooks sadly.
                    Coming to the time, I would suggest you to come by around 4 pm in the evening so that you could enjoy the day view and also the night view after 6.45 pm as they have now installed lights which looks phenomenon and gives a Golden rustic look to the Modhera Sun Temple. The ticket prices are just 25-35 rupees and there are new selfie points installed near the main gate specially for the tourists and photographers. This engineered structure is the most loveable thing in Gujarat to watch out for.

2.  Wild Ass Sanctuary Safari-  

  This Safari is one of a kind in India as the Wild Ass which we are talking about is only found here in the entire country, the special feature of Wild Ass is that they look like horse from one side and donkey from the other side if you look closely, they are a ;little bit shy and calm. Now the total population in 2021 of Wild Ass is around 6022 here. They can run upto 70km per hour in a short distance and 30km per hour for long distance.
The charges for groups are very reasonable for safari like for a group of 15 its just 1000 rupees and on weekends its 200-250 extra, also group of 6 is just for 400 rupees. You can also spot Chinkara, Blue bull, wild boar, blackbuck, dessert fox, hyena, Indian Civet, Porcupine and also rare birds like Perigrine Falcon, Eurasian Hobby, Greater Flamingo, White Pelican , Crane and many more. If you are coming Gujarat the this Wild Ass safari experience is a must and you should mark this on your bucket list. Also this Little Rann of Kutch which is a part of safari is the only place in the Indian sub-continent which hosts greater and lesser Flamingos in abundance. This sanctuary is just few minutes away from the village named ‘’Bajana’’ and you can book the safari via The Royal Safari Camp.
Gujarat Border

3. Nadabet Indo-Pak border-

 Now comes the place which will give you goose-bumps while you touch your feet on the BSF ruled ground. The land where our soldiers and the BSF jawans strive hard to keep our country safe. The distance between the entry gate and the border is another 20-25 kms where a special bus takes you inside and currently this is one of the hottest tourist destination in Gujarat. The T junction near the main gate has Art Gallery, BSF stambh, wall murals, Sarhad Gatha Museum, Bharat K Veer, Adventure Arena, A huge stadium for live BSF parade with a capacity of 5000 people. Also you may see a lot of digital games and digital scanning tools inside to gather much information about our soldiers and the weapons they use, I quite loved the digitalized things they have used inside and its mandatory for us as it’s the future game. 
        For a detailed story behind this Indo-Pak border, we are sharing a youtube link below in 2 parts, do share and subscribe the detailed video if you enjoyed watching it.


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