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Fazlani Nature’s Nest Resort in Lonavala

Experience this Hidden Gem full of greenery and nature. This place is also listed as one of the best Resort in Lonavala.

You can also check out the video of this fun-filled day at Fazlani Nature’s Nest Resort in Lonavala.

Equine Therapy- Well this is not just about scenery, its about some natural therapies and organic stuff. You may spot a mini race-course where you’ll find breeds of horses like kathiyawadi,Arabian gypsy,Scotish Pony and few more. The best part is you will experience Equine assisted therapy which will boost you mentally and physically. For example, a horse race will show you the courage when a group of horses will try reaching faster and compete with each other. When you see the emotions you may feel that enthusiasm and will power to increase your physical health. Likewise you may see a lot of variations in EAT. There are few doctors who recommend this therapy.

Shed- Not only this,they have a shed for Cows & buffalows. You yourself will enjoy milking them,if you stay here than you would be busy the whole day forgetting about your corporate life/jobs and get a real peace of mind on thi natural piece of land.

Spa- The spa section named Amarine Wellness is just amazing. You get to experience Hydrotherapy massage,Water therapy massage,Accupunture and a lot more.

A huge space which has gym,yoga class section,physiotherapy section,etc. You may feel out of the world when you try these therapies in the nature’s land. They have also made customized bathtubs for mud bath where you can have a peacefull bath like a private pool. You may also spot some quirky florescent green & pink houses made for the villagers who work for Fazlani farms.

Bungalows-They have 13 bungalows which includes 4 rooms per floor (2 king sized & 2 queensized). The rooms are designed basically well and not too much funky/stylised. As Mr.Fazlani wants you to get out of your room and enjoy the therapies and the natural surroundings outside. Fazlani Nature’s nest resort in Lonavala is the charming place if you really need a break from your hectic schedule.

Organic growth-Coming to the organic stuff,they grow organic vegetables, guava,passionfruit,coconut,brocolli,cabbage,khajur,jackfruit,anar,anjir,chiku,banana, red chilli,coriander,elaichi,lauki and many more. You can customize your meal by picking vegetables from the field and passing on to the restaurant. The menu is designed by well-known nutritionist Dr.Suman Agrawal and they can actually plan your diet according to your body. As they say everyone has a different kind of body, it will help you know what nutrients and minerals your body lacks.

Bird Therapy– Again a birds therapy where you are open to roam and run after turkish/roasters/ducks with your heart out. Running after them will allow you to boost up your stamina and power. This is indeed the best exercise for slow and weak people. You may cherish every moment and become a kid once again.

Flowers– They grow real natural flowers and have a separate acres of land for the production and packaging. The flowers are gathered, followed by cutting those extra leaves through the machine and segregating them size by size. You will witness the most beautiful shades over flowers which have undergone processing. Then finally placed in the cold-storage for 8-12 days. Though photography is not allowed in that area but i bet you will definately have a great time. One of the top attractions at Fazlani Nature’s Nest Resort in Lonavala.

We luckily bumped into the main man of the match Mr.Abdul Quadar Fazlani who is the owner of the property. He is just a simple man living his dream and making many lives happy. He has adopted 150 orphanage kids and has taken the responsibility to educate and feed them plus stay at this natural piece of land. Besides this, Sir also helps providing education to lower-middle class and people who couldn’t afford fees for more than 50 schools in Mumbai. We had a small interview and a cup of Chai with
Sir. It was a fun filled evening,we got to know the ideas and the reason behind this nature-struck property and its benefits for the society. These things are to be experienced once in a lifetime which is unusual and out of the box.

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