Top 5 Places To Visit In Rajasthan

1. Jai Mahal – Built in 1745 in Jaipur, this stunning piece of architecture is a love at first sight. The interior is so gorgeous that you may need atleast 2 days to see it with your eyes and capture the best images. We were here for the launch of Rajasthan food trail with Rajasthan Tourism and Times of India team. The food served here was class apart and yes we enjoyed the performances of the local artists here.

2. Khimsar Palace- Built in the year 1523 AD this palace will give you a feeling of a Queen literally. The place is now handled by ITC group and serves delectable food with catchy interior. We also got a chance to see the car museum where they have preserved the vintage cars. There are some corners where you spot the colorful glass like windows which gives a next level reflection of the sunlight.Usp here is the Dal makhani, the jungli maas and their special thali.

3. Marugarh Resort and spa- This property in Jodhpur is extremely beautiful and matches the vibe of old era buildings. A huge pool under the sky and scrumptious food is what made me happy here. The USP is the Khadghosht they made with a very raw process by marinating the meat underground. It was made in a very old style with around 50-100 year old recipe where earlier people used to cook it organically without gas. The service is top notch and you will definitely love it. Also we enjoyed the live music and singing of the local artists here.

4. Laxmi Niwas Palace- Well if Luxury had a competition than I would place this Palace at number one position. Hundred year old animals preserved by the kings and those highly stylish and expensive restaurants inside the palace are a charm. Every corner and nook of the palace has the Rajasthani feel and you may get the best pictures of your life. The USP is ofcourse the laal maas here and they serve the best laal maas in the entire Rajasthan. Also a wide range of vegetarian options with deserts like Lapsi and ghevar are not to be missed.

5. Chunda Palace- One of the most Instagrammable hotels in Udaipur is Chunda Palace. Well I would admit that the night view of the palace is more demanding than the day view. The ground floor and the indoor pool area is a treat for your eyes and you will end up clicking 100s of pictures on your phone. They have created beautiful wall art and mirror work inside the hotel itself which is not to be missed. The rooms are fantastic and so the Rajasthani cuisine they serve. If you are planning something in Udaipur you must atleast spend a night here .

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