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Dispelling Myths about Palm Oil

Its high time people know the right and wrong about the fake allegations designed by few insiders of the industry just to stop the popularity of Palm oil which had garnered enough positive perks in the market organically.


Reasons WHY other harmful things are too dangerous rather blaming Palm Oil for everything-

In 2019 the world was shocked when the Amazon forest was burnt into ashes, which was a major reason for deforestation plus more than 2.3 billion animals died which is quite sad. The health industry blames Oil and sugar industries which absolutely sounds like a joke.

Whereas on the other side Malaysian Palm Oil is sustainable and they are against deforestation. If any single person from Malaysia gets caught burning trees, he will be penailized for it. Also on the other hand for Beef production major part of the forest land is consumed and  its a biggest polluting thing in the world, whereas Palm oil production just needs 11-15% of the forest land without disturbing or destroying the forest land. Also the Indian Government has cut off the import duty on Palm oil of around 10% for the betterment of consumers which is a good news.

Its sad to know that substances lIke DMT and other dangerous drugs are available in market very easily and highly harmfull at the same time. Even today Whale and Dolphin hunting sports are organised for fun following a pool of blood and hurting the eco system at the end. Many other ingredients should be banned which are even today used in our daily meals we consume and our health is affected for which we are unaware of. The government in few countries should act and ban these malpractices for the betterment of society and infact promote other products like Palm oil which are really healthy and sustainable. The problem arises when there is a twisting of straight-forward facts and many political people using negative agendas to dissolve good things.

Malaysian Palm Oil council are trying their best to enhance trade opportunities in the market and encourage product diversifications. Also people need to know how Palm oil is nutritional and the benefits of using the Palm oil. Plus to clear the gap between the real positive use of Palm oil v/s the fake allegations made against it. We all know as Palm oil is not much expensive, it protects Brain functioning, reduces risk of stroke and heart diseases. Palm oil also improves skin and hair growth. Also reduces Cholestrol levels, oxidative stress  and boosts brain health. One of the Popular oil’s in the world has much more benefits and plus points many people do not know. Dr Bhavna Shah who is the country representative for MPOC India and Srilanka also says, “People are easily misguided via some fake and twisted stories of Palm oil which is absolutely sad, infact everyone should look deeper about the advantages and major positive points about the Palm Oil’s consumption”. 

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