Is Srilanka Safe

You need to read this before you go Srilanka or read any wrong articles defaming the country.


Do not go for the fake propagandas and the unnatural videos which you found on internet about the bankruptcy and abnormal things happening. The locals have started earning, hotels are full on weekends, shopping markets are full up to date and the system is slowly improving. We have all the videos posted on YouTube @theglobalblogster if you need to check out any things regarding Srilanka. Arugambay, Nuwara Eliya, Colombo, Sigiriya Rock, Anuradhapura and many other places are a must visit if you are planning a trip to Srilanka. As the currency rates and hotel rates have gone down due to the government changes we recommend you that this is the best time to explore and travel Srilanka.

We visited Srilanka in 2022 during October and the reality was far shocking in front of what we saw on news channels. We checked the ground reality and to our surprise all the super markets were standing full house, the rates of food items are normal and not so high what we saw on news channels. The tourist spots are normally crowded and yes a brownie point is that hotel rates and the currency rates have gone down a little bit. So according to our experience this is the best time to visit Srilanka and explore like a hardcore traveller. The only problem is that the petrol pumps are a little crowded but yes once again there is a priority for tourists at petrol pumps. As the Lotus Tower has opened its gates to visit the top floor, we saw uncountable bunch of locals and tourists and that was a super positive sign for Srilankans. It seems the country is getting back into its original shape and may fight back strong.

Mihir Shah

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