Coronavirus Outbreak – Covid 19

Coronavirus Outbreak – Covid 19

Coronavirus Outbreak - Covid 19

We humans killed humans, we murdered animals and insects, we cut off the trees and our mother nature and tried shortlisting the Natural Resources. We also filled the sea with tons of plastic and unwanted items. We have bunch of corrupt people in every state, in every corner of the world. We cheat humans, we have affected the Global Warming, we are selfish and we always spread hate. There are a lot of things we humans have done miserably on this planet to affect ourselves and the things around.

Why we needed this and what changes we witnessed? -

The virus started spreading from China and slowly transferred to every corner of the world. An average human being always dreamt of a luxury lifestyle/more power/money and unlimited desires. Thanks to #Corona , we are now acting like real humans, talking to each-other, helping each-other and stopped destroying nature temporarily and animals too. We have realised Happiness and  our own life is precious than any huge amount of money or a robotic lifestyle.  We have noticed that we lost touch within ourselves and with our close ones. We were used to the work-mode lifestyle and the regular corrupt things going on around us which have vanished due to Corona virus. Fishes who were once scared to swim are swimming with Joy and Pride in the waters. The fresh air in the Jungles and the animals have  started roaming freely without any fear. As humans we are the worst people on the planet. We never had an idea that one Corona virus could bring so much change in our lives. The streets, the unhygenic hospitals, our local trains and many more places are being washed and taken care of which should have been done much earlier. Due to this Corona Virus we have started acting like humans and also cooperating with each-other. We needed this so that we could really understand the value of our things around. We have become more responsible, more active, more alert, more wiser than before which made us act better. This is the change we witnessed , we needed, we infact despirately needed it. Sadly still there are few leaders who play Politics in the name of Corona Virus. I hope people become more sensible towards nature, the animals, and all the positive and good things around us.

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