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Best places to visit in Kolkata

Places to Visit & Explore in Kolkata-

  1. Queen Victoria Memorial– This museum is surely a treat to your eyes which is just few minutes away from Metro Maidan. As the architect, the  white buildings, the gifts and paintings of British era are just amazing.The entry fee is around 30-50 rs. The Heritage building is surrounded by lavish green garden. It makes the place more interesting, and I would admit this is one of the best places to visit in Kolkata.

2. Dakshineshwar Kali Temple– Visiting this place is a divine experience with Blessings. Situated near Ganges surrounded by beautiful ghat a Kali Mata temple on centre, Radha-Krishna and Shivling surrounded. You can go by boat service from Belurmath to Dakshineshwar which arrives after every 20 mins. The aarti happening is worth attending. Beware of people there who will force you to pay donations.Cellphones are not allowed here.

3. Kolkata Zoo & Zoological garden– One of the oldest Zoo in India, located in Alipore. This Zoo was built in1876. You can spot the prestigious Royal Bengal Tiger, deers, bears, leopards and many other animals. It’s a kid-friendly Zoo nd charges are around 20-30 rs for an entry. Coming Kolkata you cannot miss this wild experience.

4.Jai Hind Dhaba– Yes, have visited Kolkata almost 5 times and this place always impressed me.Top 3 dishes here are Chicken Bhartha,Mutton Kasha & Chicken Kasha

5. Gandhi Market– You can spend a day here and shop till you get tired. Accesories,leather items, fancy bags, shoes and much more. And yes, bargaining is mandatory. In terms of shopping,this is one of the best places to visit in Kolkata.

6.Mother Teresa’s House– One of the prominent personalities of India who passed away on 5th september 1997 was born in Kolkata. There’s a small room where they have preserved pictures and important things of Mother’s life. It also included articles,precious awards/certificates and achievements. We could witness the fine work she did for the society. This is definately a not to be missed place.You will find real peace with a different aura when you step in. This is also one of the best places to visit in Kolkata.

7.Mitra Cafe– The oldest cafe in Kolkata you can say serves the best Chicken Kabiraji in India. Even you may find Fish Kabiraji and Mutton Cutlets exclusive and jaw-dropping. This is I must admit one of a kind Cafe in Kolkata.

8-Puchkas/Mishti Doi/Kulhad wali Chai– Kolkata is incomplete without these 3 things. I won’t specifically name any shop for these. But at the major parts of this city you can blindly have these 3 things which will win your heart.

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