Friends you need in Life

Friends you need in Life

We definately need to check whether we have a good company of friends or we are just wasting time with the wrong ones. We have written up a few reasons which describe ”Friends you need in Life”.

1. A friend who Values you–  There will be a lot of people who’ll come and go off your life. They are not here to stay longer in your list. But at least there may be a friend who will value your decisions and keep a track on your doings. He will call you up twice a week even though you won’t, he will be one of the friends  you need in Life. He will never take you for granted.

2. A Chartered Accountant/Engineer friend– It will be impossible if one of them is not in your list. A C.A one will always help you out in managing your monetary things carefully, he will guide you the right thing whenever you have taken some wrong decisions. Whereas engineers are kick-ass, they have gyaan about every thing. Its a pleasure learning from them and hopefully they are always there for us.

3. An honest & humorous friend- Its difficult to find one, but after few terrible experiences you may manage to find one of them. Always share your secrets to one honest friend, not few ones or else you may be in danger someday. Whereas a humorous friend will always make you laugh whenever you feel low or in a bad state of mood. These are the friends you need in life.

4. A friend from different Community/Culture- This will help you in many ways. When you spend time with them, your mind will open up and you may discover a lot of things in life about their rituals, the way of living, etc. If you have a narrow mind you will definately change yourself and accept the things around yourself easily and you may be a better person tomorrow. You will start doing things differently and explore yourself. You will learn the best Religion in this world called ”Humanity” from him.

5. A lawyer friend- If you do not have any lawyer friend, you are unlucky. They help you grow, giving a lot of tips and ideas to be safe. Every major decision you take should be cross-verified from them. They are our rescue partners when we are in danger. By the way, arguing with them is a lot of fun. They are on the list of friends you need in life.

6. A Motivational friend-He is the one who will keep on pushing your limits and help you reach your goal. He will advice you what’s wrong & what’s right. They are very happy when you taste success and feel sad when you’re down. They can be your parents, brother, a teacher or your child-hood buddy. Make sure you never get them off your life, as these are the friends you need in life.

Special Thanks-Nazrudeen Valiyaveettil-Rushab Gala-Flevious Dmello-Yash Shah-Shaishav Savla-Dhiraj Ramchandani -Milan Nandu.

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