Healthy Lifestyle  with Palm Oil  – A meet up with Malaysian Palm Oil Council team

Healthy Lifestyle with Palm Oil – A meet up with Malaysian Palm Oil Council team

This  fun-filled and informative event in Mumbai  regarding Palm Oil with MPOC team and bloggers  was very interesting. It was a pleasure listening to the  COO of Sime Darby Oils which is one of the biggest sustainable Palm Oil producer in the world Mr. Sandeep Bhan and the very talented Dr. Bhavna  Shah Vyas who Is the country representative for India & Srilanka-MPOC.

MSPO and few informative things about Palm Oil- Dr. Bhavna Vyas Shah shared a great news about getting the MSPO certification by 2020 which leads to biodiversity and social enhancement. Not only that, it will help them grant access to newer markets and lead with the current economic status. The oxidative stability as well as the availability will also boost up in coming years. Some said the palm oil is cheap, but at the same time they don’t know that it is cholesterol and trans-fat free.

 Cheaper rates will help up in boosting more sales and further followed by more production which is a plus point for the industry. While Mr. Sandeep Bhan felt lucky to be a part of Sime Darby Oils which is the biggest producer of Sustainable Palm oil and sharing his experience and inputs  from  this industry. He is the only Indian from Sime Darby Oils having a massive experience of more than 20 years consistently in this industry.

Meanwhile, it is also stated that 44% of the total production of Palm oil is supplied to Restaurants/Hotels. And few other countries who use 1% of Palm oil in the fabric manufacturing process. Things we do or consume in our daily lives, a part of it will always contain a minute amount of Palm oil for example cosmetics, soaps, chocolates, garments, buiscuits, noodles etc. Out of 100% land available ,66% comes under the forest  land and just 0.11% is left for Palm oil production which is way very less as expected. The main motive is to make people aware about the benefits and the advantages about Palm oil in India which many people fail to know or avoid the facts about it. In fact Palm oil is 200% much better than other refined oils we use in our daily lives. Thus we need to consume much of it for a more healthy lifestyle and  other beneficiary factors.

Activities with Palm oil – It was super fun having challenges and performing  few acts related to Palm oil. We went at Baraana just opposite Sunville Banquets for blind-fold tasting session to identify the dish and ingredients made in Palm oil. Then a Q&A round at The Game restaurant. And finally a salad making session at Light House Café where we have to make a salad with the given ingredients and Palm oil. A dessert session where all the ingredients in the dessert had Palm oil, the fast you finish the more are the chances of winning. It was a lovely afternoon attending this fabulous event and getting a fair knowledge about Palm oil and its entry in the market with much bigger plans in future. We are living in this social media world where sharing things become much easier and convenient. I hope people will definitely know the the benefits and real advantages of usage of Palm oil in India. Special thanks to Priyanka Patel and Unbox concepts team, Dr. Bhavna Vyas Shah, Mr. Sandeep Bhan and MPOC team for making us a part of this and giving an eye-opener healthy discussion about Palm oil.

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