Things To Do In Mumbai – Colaba

Things To Do In Mumbai – Colaba

If by chance, you are in Mumbai as a tourist or just new here in the City, you definately need to visit these famous & hidden places in Colaba.

Gateway Of India- This structure is surely a charm of Mumbai and a sure-shot place to visit if you are in Mumbai. A lot of History behind this, built by George Wittet people go crazy here to take pictures and selfies with this striking structure. I recommend you to visit it between Monday to Thursdays as Saturdays and Sundays the place is housefull occupied by tourists. Since years, a lot of cameramen roam here to sell live pictures of a ready printout with the structure. There are also ferry services from Gateway to Alibaug and Elephanta Caves. It may cost you anywhere between 80-150 rupees. People often go Alibaug in weekends to enjoy a noise-free life as you may spot many beaches and water-sports there.

Taj Hotel- This is one of the most Luxorious properties in Mumbai where 2008 terrorist attacks happened.  You can call Luxury plus Heritage, though most of the Heritage interiors were damaged during the blasts they have retouched and built again. The property is frequently visited by Dignataries, VIP’s and celebs. The building giving a Sea-view will definately impress you out.

Leopold Cafe & Mondegar Cafe- Both the cafes are the oldest ones in colaba. Would suggest Meat and Beer lovers to try these out. During the 2008 terror attacks few bullets  were shot inside Leopold cafe and luckily they have preserved the bullet marks to witness it. Just one thing before going here- the food is little over-priced here.

Colaba Causeway Market- One of the best things to do in Mumbai – Colaba is this. You can shop like a crazy fellow here. From garments to vintage watches, ladies accessories, shoes-chappals, vintage show-pieces and minute interiors, customized keychains, junk jewelery etc. There is so much of stuff to look out here. P.S- They charge extra if they see any tourists/foreigners. So do bargain with them or you may be charged heavily.

Karamat Sugarcane Juice- Situated just opposite Regal Cinema this Sugarcane juicewala has Jumbo juice just for 20 rupees. I forgot to click a picture of the glass but trust me its a place not to be missed. The sugarcane juice is just wow at such minimal rates. These are the most happening places and things to do in Mumbai – Colaba. These things are based out of our  personal experience and definately worth to watch out for. Write to us on for any invites/reviews/features.

Kailash Parbat- Opened since 1950 by Mulchandani brothers, this is truly a legendary brand when it comes to chaats and sweets. Ram Rao Gupta made us try the special malai rabdi which costed at around 80 bucks but worth the try. We also had pani-puri and their signature dish Ragda Pattice here. This is a hidden gem in Colaba and I highly recommend you guys to try it. I bet you will love this place without any doubt. Also I have been visiting this place since my childhood and its still the same. Coming Colaba and not having this will be a crime, its just situated at the corner of 1st Pasta lane. 

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