Paytm Scam

Paytm Scam

People say its very convenient to use Paytm on daily basis. But the company and their staff is burning pockets of the retailers whom they work with.
As told on their website Paytm has two conditions on their EDC machine. Either you pay the rent or you pay 1.9% charge on every transaction. The salesman named Sagar wanted to complete his targets. So he discussed few fake terms of EDC machine with us. He told us ” You don’t need to pay rent, you have to pay 7080 per year and 1.9% charges per transaction which he discounted to 1.40 % for us. After paying 7080 to the company for the machine, the machine din’t get delivered and we have to beg for it. Machine arrived after 20 days and just two days ago we recieve a message from Paytm saying that 1.9% is the actual percentage charged whereas we were told 1.40% by the salesman. 

We immediately cancelled the machine even before it had arrived. After this the salesman started ignoring our calls and never came back. However when we saw the website we got to know about the conditions and terms. We called the helpline number 5 times and asked him for the full refund as we never used the machine. The guy spoke very rudely and said that we would only get 50%. The worst part is these guys never share the company’s address and never  gives you the terms and conditions in writing. After so much of argument he said that he would give a certain amount as refund. We really felt we were cheated, and finally after 2 months we just got 5310 out of 7080 even after not using their machine. This is a purely Loot practice of Paytm and their team. I urge everyone to think 10 times before using their EDC machines. And never allow these salesman to change the scan stickers every month at your retail outlet, this is just to complete their targets and tie ups with other big brands. I am sharing the screenshot of my payment and the Paytms address in Mumbai which I luckily  preserved.

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