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Best places to visit in Kathmandu – India Tour

We reached Kathmandu by road via a jeep from Raxaul. We stayed at a Gujarati dharamshala  for 5 days and it was quite reasonable. Sharing the best places to visit in Kathmandu, do check them out.


1.Pashupatinath Temple- Well this is one of the largest temples in Nepal and also one of the UNESCO cultural heritage. Sites in Kathmandu valley with a largest statue of Nandi and more than 100 of shiva lingams. Everyday more than thousands of people visit this temple as it is a special attraction here in Kathmandu. Taking videos and photos is not allowed here, they may snatch your phone. If you are travelling here than going via bus will be much cheaper, as private taxis will charge you a bomb. As a traveller we experience not just about the place but also in a religious/cultural and a spiritual way. At 6pm a special Bagmati ganga aarti is done by the banks of the Bagmati river plus Shiva’s Tandav bhajan too is carried out.  The timings are 4 am to 7 pm, so make sure you pre-plan and experience one of the best places to visit in Kathmandu.


2.Swayambhunath temple- We short a birds eye view from here and let me tell you that you need to walk 20-25 minutes upstairs to reach this glorious architectured stupa. On the structure of temple, the white dome represents earth and the nose-like structure which is below the eyes represents unity. This stupa is also called Boudhanath stupa. The area around stupa is filled with Chaityas, temples,small shrines, statues of Tantrik, shivlings and much more. Few people also call it a monkey temple as hundreds of them scamper here at night after tourists and priests have departed off. Also sharing you the video link below to get an idea about this beautiful stupa.

3.Casino Pride- There are lots of Casinos in Nepal and Kathmandu as the volume of tourists here is in a large number. We headed into the Casino Pride which is located in Hyatt regency in Kathmandu. Videos and pictures are strictly prohibited here. They serve free food and drinks inside for all the players and a car service too.

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