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Best Immigration Consultant in Mumbai – Abhinav Outsourcings

Serving since 1994, I must say Abhinav Outsourcings is one of the leading and best immigrant consultant in Mumbai.

Why Abhinav Outsourcings? – Apparently I was super confused about the career opportunities overseas and couldn’t know how to go ahead. A friend of mine

 me this agency so I decided to give it a shot. I was planning for Canada and they explained me the whole process seamlessly and accurately. The criteria, the eligibility, the documentation, the different programmes, the details of citizenship and permanent residency, each and everything was discussed with clarity. Was quite impressed with way of their working style.

Programmes for Immigration-

For permanent residency visa you can opt for General skill category which is  comfortable for 90% people. After getting the Citizenship you can also head for Dual residency plus survive there for minimum 3 years to accquire the passport. If not for jobs/study you can also contribute to Canadian economy by investing into any business there for around 1.5cr minimum. And the plus point is there is no age-bar, you can invest even of you are between 40-60. They also provide a Letter of Support and recommend you for making your ways easier.
There are few other programmes like-
Provincial Nominee Program for Workers
Nova Scotia Nominee Program
Skilled worker program- Quebec
Each and every province and territory has its own nomination guidelines and could amend thes
e without prior notice. So its important to check territory’s/province’s website for the latest updates.
Also if you have a startup plan or an IDEA, it can be passed on further to the officials there. And it dosen’t require any qualifications or any age-bar. Highly recommend Abhinav Outsourcings as they are one of the best immigration consultants in Mumbai.
UK permanent residency  You need minimum 5 years of work status to accquire the PR status. If you are investing it has to be minimum 1cr plus the plan has to be approved by the Government.
OR get a work permit with a clause.

Europe permanent residency– Its easier if you are buying a property there minimum worth 2.5 cr. Also the Express entry program is there which happened in 2015. There are huge number of applications to be passd and it may take minimum One year for processing.

Abhinav Outsourcings BKC

US permanent residency– EB-5 program recommended where you get green card for 2 years. And the most difficult program is L-1 which may take much longer. The best part is Abhinav Outsourcing is Legally and Authorised reprensentative for your work process.

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