Film-Director Sneha Agrawal being candid while celebrating her successful short-film ”Chinese Whispers”

Film-Director Sneha Agrawal being candid while celebrating her successful short-film ”Chinese Whispers”

The short-film is travelling the world. It has been officially selected at many prestigious international film festivals. She shares her experience and opinions with us. 

 1. What made you want to make a short-film like “Chinese Whispers”  and the Idea behind this?
 A-Romance is an eternal theme, which can never go out of fashion. For my short film I wanted to explore it and all the emotions associated with it. This story allowed me to dwell in the innocent, honest and earnest ways of finding love and pursuing it.  
 2.Where did you learn film-making from and name few  movies you really like ?
A-I have worked on several feature films, ads, web-series. and I learnt the most by getting hands on experience. I started as an Assistant and went on to become First A.D. & Associate Director, so in the process I learnt more and more. 
After working for sevveral years, I took a sabbatical and went to New York to pursue a course in screen-writing. That was revolutionary, I would say.
There are many movies I love. Drive, A Separation, Mother, Get Out, The Dark Knight, the list just goes on and on. 
 3.Did you expect such a massive response for  “Chinese Whispers” ? How was your reaction after it got selected for the best festivals worldwide ?
Chinese Whispers is a romantic comedy and usually the films which get selected at film festivals are very serious. So, I was extremely delighted when it got such a good response at all the film festivals.
 4.Will OTT platforms take over the big screen movies? What’s your take on that?
 A-Evolution is the truth of life. There were single screens which were taken over by multiplexes. Now we have OTT platforms which are posing a threat to the multiplexes. 
Let’s talk a little about OTT platforms first. They are great as they present a scope for good content and they give opportunity to many people to showcase their talent. New voices are heard, new faces discovered. 
But, the experience of watching a film in a theatre cannot be replaced. That remains intact. We are facing a pandemic and the theatres have taken a hit. But, all in all, when the conditions will improve, I feel the ardent fans will continue to watch movies in the theatres. 
There will be a shift in the dynamics for sure. but, theatres will still have a strong place. 
 5.Any advice for young lot of directors? 
 A-Write everyday. Write the story you want to say. Watch as many movies as you can. Try and develop your own style. And say the story with utmost honesty
It has become so easy to make a movie now. So, make no excuses rather make that film you have always wanted to make.

You can watch this delightful 10 minutes movie by clicking here on Chinese Whispers – ”Chinese Whispers” 





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